2018 reSEWlutions

Well, hi there. It’s December (Merry Christmas!) and I’m finally revisiting this space. I’ve managed to get in a better rhythm with my sewing routine and have probably had my most productive year since I started sewing. But with a full-time job and two small kids and work travel and family travel, I knew that if I wanted to have sewing time, it meant cutting out nearly everything else that wasn’t as important to me. I even swore off of Netflix for a whole month!

All of that is to say that I’ve been sewing, but not blogging, because blogging required time that I did not have. But it’s December, which, for me, means that I will be hopelessly romanticizing the coming year and all of the raw potential it holds for accomplishing the things that I did not do during 2017. (You should see the notebook I filled up last December with the plans for the specialty fabric and notions shop that I was going to like, for sure launch this year.)

I’ve thought about a couple of sewing goals that I have for the coming year. Some are pretty specific and attainable, some are more vague and aspirational:

1. V-necks

I have not attempted many v-necks, but they’re one of my favorite necklines to wear. I have a cami pattern that I love, with a slight v-neck, but whenever I’ve made it, I’ve felt it comes out wrinkly. I want to conquer v-necks once and for all.

2. Linings

Maybe it’s kind of like second-sock syndrome with knitting, but whenever I’m making a lined garment, the fact that I have sewn the entire shell and then have to (in most cases) sew the entire thing again in a more delicate, shifty fabric, and then attach the two pieces in a very precise way so that the lining isn’t poking out or causing the garment to hang incorrectly…? It drives me bonkers. I’ve sewn a few linings and whenever I’m done I reflect on the garment and always think, “Man, I kinda wish the lining wasn’t there to f**k this thing up.” But I will win this fight, dammit. I have a lot more coats in my future.

3. A well-fitting bra

I am practically flat-chested. No, really, my high bust is about 89cm and my full bust is around 90cm (on a good day). In terms of self-esteem, I’m really quite okay with this, but I just want a bra that fits me well. Self-drafted might be the way to go!

4. Embellishments and details

A collage of sewing inspiration, by Small Bobbins

I have a Pinterest board called “sewing details” (I bet you have a similar one, too) where I collect images of cute, fun, unique details on clothes that I would want to copy some day. An embroidered collar. A contrast placket. An asymmetrical yoke. Enough pinning them, time to start doing them. The way to do this is through planning; I’ll have to think about the finished garment and the steps involved for these quirky details before I cut into my fabric.

5. Getting more involved with the sewing community

I’m already taking a first step with this one. I’m a total Instagram creeper, but I want to be more involved with the sewing community! I’m taking on a billion+1 sewing challenges, I’m pattern testing, I’d like to get back into blogging, and maybe (this is a bit of a stretch) even venture into vlogging. *gulp!* And can I even tell you a secret? This one is the ultimate stretch goal, but I’d love to vlog in Dutch. (Hey, Kirstin, how is your Dutch anyway? Totally abysmal, even after living for 4 years in a Dutch-speaking country.)

What about you, what are your sewing goals for 2018?

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  1. Oh man, linings! I’m on the same page with you there! You have great sewing goals on your list! I also have a small chest, check out “OhhhLuLuSews” on etsy, she has a lot of patterns I swoon over (ohhhlulu on Instagram). Happy New Year!

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