2018 review: Top 5 new makes

Another round-up! In my last post, I listed every single thing that I made last year. Not all of those were successful, but I wanted to celebrate the best pieces that I made in 2018.

So here are my Top 5 favorite pieces that I made in 2018!

Kabuki tee (pattern by Paper Theory), made by Small Bobbins

Kabuki tee (pattern by Paper Theory), made by Small Bobbins

Kabuki tee: I’ve already made two versions of this after spending way too much time thinking about the pattern. It’s a simple boxy top with an interesting detail, and it’s such an easy shirt to wear. The two versions I’ve made so far have been perfect matches with the fabrics I chose (one is an oatmeal-colored linen that I bought in Antwerp, and the other a sheer single gauze from Miss Matatabi Fabrics).

Jordy bralette (pattern by Emerald Erin), made by Small Bobbins

Jordy bralette: This is a pretty recent make, but already gets weekly wear. I had been eyeing this pattern from Emerald Erin for a long time, and finally bought it during her Black Friday sale. The shape of this bralette exactly matches my favorite (worn-to-death) H&M bralette, so I quickly sewed up my first one and it fits seamlessly into my everyday life. I have some small complaints about the construction method, but I have some ideas on how to improve my next one (because there will be a next one, and more and more after that).

Maisa denim jacket (pattern by Named Clothing), made by Small Bobbins

Maisa denim jacket: Of course this is here! I had wanted to make this for so long, and I waited way too long to get up the nerve to start, but now that it’s finished, I love it. It’s definitely gets the best reactions when I tell people that it’s made by me.

Ginger jeans (pattern by Closet Case Patterns), made by Small Bobbins

Ginger jeans – I almost didn’t add this to the list, because I wear my Ginger jeans often but I don’t particularly enjoy wearing them..? If that makes sense? The denim bags out pretty easily, they’re too loose around the waist, but I love that I made jeans! It definitely motivates me to make more.

Sunny dress (pattern by Friday Pattern Company), made by Small Bobbins

Sunny dress – This is another unexpected winner. I wear this dress constantly. I made some alterations to the pattern, but this is just another example where the fabric and pattern worked magically together. It’s a French terry that I got at Stoffen Spektakel, probably one of the first pieces of fabric I bought in Belgium (several years ago, eek!). Despite how clueless I was about purchasing fabric, it’s surprisingly high-quality and has great recovery. It’s a fantastic little bodycon dress that works in so many different situations, and it’s so comfortable! (Bonus picture with my lovely husband because I seem to have lost my original blog photos!)

Rumana coat (pattern by By Hand London), made by Small Bobbins

And an honorable mention to my Rumana coat, which is fabulous, but doesn’t get an extreme amount of wear (even in cold weather) because I feel a bit overdressed in it? I shouldn’t let that stop me, but… well, it sometimes does!

What was your favorite make of 2018?

I’ll be back soon with more 2018 round-up posts and plans for 2019!