Agnes maternity top

Having made the Agnes top once before, I set out to make another with a few changes. This time I made it with the gathered, puffy sleeves, but still kept the simple, rounded neckline. And, I set out to accommodate better for my growing belly.

Agnes maternity top, made by Small Bobbins

At the time, my measurements were:

  • bust: 98cm (between size 5-6)
  • waist: 92cm (just above 7)
  • hips: 104cm (size 5)

I traced a size 5 with a few changes. I thought my first version was too short, so I added 2 inches (5 cm) to the front and back pieces. I traced the sleeves to the length of the biggest size. Then, I altered the pattern using the tutorial from So Zo’s blog to make it a maternity top, which is essentially adding about 5 inches (12.5 cm) under the belly button-ish region and gathering that along the side seams.

I used a very light pink jersey (purchased in Ledeberg) that I thought was white in the fabric store.

Agnes maternity top, made by Small Bobbins

It turned out soooo well. I’m so pleased! Having had the experience of one top under my belt alread, this one came out so much more quickly. My alterations were spot on, the length is perfect, the gathering around the belly is perfect, the sleeve length is perfect. And after having much better success with the neckline on my Hemlock shirt, I really hacked a good bit off of the Agnes neckline piece and the result was great. The jersey, even though I still desperately wish it were just white, was surprisingly easy to work with. I have no idea what the fiber content is, but it has a nice weight to it, didn’t shift around while sewing, and presses nicely.

Agnes maternity top, made by Small Bobbins

The ruched sleeves might not be my thing though. Still, I’m so happy to have a maternity shirt. It’s even good enough that I wouldn’t feel bad donating it to someone else when I’m done with it (since this totally won’t get used after the baby comes, no way, the extra belly room is too obvious).