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thinking about: mom jeans

I’ll start this week’s installment of “Thinking about:” by noting that I’m (more than) pretty skeptical of this style. Mom jeans? The first utterance brings up memories of laughing at that SNL skit. First glances have me thinking, “Well, of course it looks awesome on this fine, young model who is most certainly not a mom yet.”

But I’m curious overall about how the silhouette might look on my figure, and thinking this high-waisted style might work on me better than wide-legged pants do. Mom jeans typically aren’t skin-tight, and might either have straight legs, or a slight taper at the ankle. Most examples that I found are cropped, and if not, seem to be styled with a narrow turn-up. Light-wash denim is overwhelmingly the most popular color (as determined during my Very Serious Research), but I’m a sucker for black or dark grey denim at the moment (or, ahem, for the past several years).

Here’s some inspiration I found (and I have more on my Pinterest too!)

A collage of mom jeans inspiration, by Small Bobbins

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thinking about: tailored pants

I am a solid fan of skinny jeans. Over the past year, I’ve been half-assed-ly trying new silhouettes for pants, but haven’t really given it much good effort. Yeah, okay, so I sewed up a couple Flints, tested some pants patterns, and made my first pair of Gingers too! But, I didn’t quit plan how any of them would fit into my wardrobe, and so, they don’t get worn that often.

A gal can’t live on the same two pairs of jeans though, so this month, I’m dreaming of pants! (ahem, or trousers for the Brits) Luckily, when it comes to indie patterns, there’s a lot of choice out there for all sorts of different shapes. I’m currently drawn to the look of a sleek tailored pant, with a higher waist, front pleats, and a tapered leg. Maybe even a cute little cuff at the ankles? I have lots of style pics saved on Pinterest, but here are some particular ones I love for this look.


A collage of tailored pants inspiration, by Small Bobbins

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thinking about: denim jackets

(Here’s the start of a new series where I publicly ruminate over a certain garment that I really want to make for my wardrobe.)

I’ve whined a lot about not having a solid, trans-seasonal jacket for my wardrobe, which is so useful for a place like Belgium where the weather can fluctuate wildly throughout the day, and where “between Winter-Spring” lasts longer than Spring itself.

So, I want a denim jacket. I already have the Maisa pattern from Named Clothing printed and prepped for way too long, patiently waiting with a stack of my husband’s old jeans. He’s threatening to take them back to use as work clothes, so I’m on a deadline now!

Here’s some inspiration I’m thinking about for my version.

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