Everything I made in 2017

Let’s just get last year out of the way in one fell swoop, shall we? Here’s (mostly) everything I made in 2017 (photographed in a single nap-time, hence the same hair and repetitive poses!).
— Four Neenahs (from Seamwork): the red is truest to the pattern (with some length removed at the hem), the grey ribbed version has a shortened collar and sleeves, and the yellow one has no sleeves, a gathered skirt, and pockets(!!!).Three Neenah dresses (pattern by Seamwork), made by Small Bobbins

I also shortened one into a shirt and added ruffles to the sleeves (it’s too short though, so I usually only wear it tucked into a high-waisted skirt).

Neenah shirt, modified with added ruffles, made by Small Bobbins

— Four Nettie bodysuits (from Closet Case Patterns): my favorite versions are these two that I added a turtleneck to (borrowing some of the shoulder shape and neckline from the Neenah pattern), worn with a Colette Phoebe (love! this! so! much!) and an as-yet-unreleased pattern from Just Patterns that I tested (the black one above is the same skirt). These are winter staples for me! I also made a high-neck/scooped-back version in black & white checks, and a scooped-neck/scooped-back version in white ribbing and contrast grey neck and sleeve bands. Both shown here with Flint pants from Megan Nielsen (which I’ve unfortunately over-fit and they’re a bit tight, but I have another pair on the way!).
Four Nettie bodysuits (pattern by Closet Case Patterns), made by Small Bobbins
— Two Astorias (from Seamwork): the striped one is a straight Medium and the black one is a heavily altered Large (SBA, etc.) that made me realize that the Medium is perfectly fine after all. I love both of these, since this silhouette is basically my cool-weather work uniform.
Astoria sweaters (pattern by Seamwork), made by Small Bobbins
Grainline Alder (shortened to shirt length): the fabric is a bit to heavy, so everything feels a bit stiff, but it’s fine to wear underneath sweaters. I also have a habit of making buttonholes too small (I’m constantly worried about making them too big) and this one is difficult to button because of it.
Alder shirt (pattern by Grainline Studio), made by Small Bobbins
— In the Folds Peplum Top, free from Peppermint Magazine. Love love love this top! Warning to any fellow tall gals (I’m 5’8″/168cm), I added a decent amount of length and it still feels quite short, but also beware of simply extending the A-shape when you’re lengthening it, or you might look like you’re wearing a tent. I love the V-shape of the back and the construction techniques.
Peplum top (pattern by In the Folds), made by Small Bobbins
— Linda wrap dress from Just Patterns: I got to test this pattern, I’m looking forward to warmer weather to bring this out again!
Linda wrap dress (pattern by Just Patterns), made by Small Bobbins
— Reversible bomber jacket, a free pattern from Mood Fabrics. I had an idea for this whole ensemble for a 70’s themed beach party last August. It’s still Belgium, so the weather was quite chilly once the sun set, and the jacket and longer bottoms were perfect. I hit some snags following the instructions on this pattern, there is not much hand-holding to get you through that square corner! But I managed and the result is true to my vision. Not sure how much everyday wear this will get though, as it’s a bit costume-y. It took me forever to find iron-on letter patches though! These were from Eulalie.nl
Reversible bomber jacket (pattern from Mood), made by Small Bobbins
— A pair of red plaid flannel pajamas using the Kate bias top from Just Patterns (another pattern I tested), and the free Julio pants pattern from Make My Lemonade.
Kate bias top and Julio pajama pants, made by Small Bobbins
— I made two Orla dresses (free pattern from French Navy Patterns), one of them was balled up in a fit of frustration and never finished, so I only I have photos of this one. It’s such an easy dress to wear though, really looking forward to wearing it again!
Orla dress (pattern by French Navy), made by Small Bobbins
— This is technically a refashion, but it has resulted in something that works so much better for my wardrobe that I’m including it here. It was a dress, but as a dress it was too short and made it look like I was wearing a kid’s dress. I re-hemmed it into a peplum and wear it much more often.
Dress refashioned into a peplum, made by Small Bobbins
— A basic white jersey Agnes top from Tilly and the Buttons, not much more to say about this except it just works well in my wardrobe!
Agnes knit tee (pattern by Tilly and the Buttons), made by Small Bobbins
— A Mesa dress (from Seamwork), a great simple summer staple. The fabric was a nice find from Girl Charlee UK, a really soft cotton jersey that unfortunately seems out of stock.
Mesa dress (pattern by Seamwork), made by Small Bobbins
— And, rounding out with things that didn’t get photographed: One bra (Sierra from Madalynne) two panties (Celeste from OhhhLulu and Maxine from Evie la Luve), a onesie for Tilda, a t-shirt (traced from an existing one) and pair of pants (the Jim Jogging from Ikatee) for Darwin, a Toaster sweater (Sew House 7), two (“self drafted” aka, rectangles) skirts out of the same lovely material that didn’t work and are awaiting new life in the refashion pile, a Named Sointu that has been perpetually sitting in my ‘in progress’ pile, oven mitts for Darwin and Tilda for their play kitchen, and another Kate bias top.
In total, I made 36 things last year! I’m pretty impressed with myself. Summer was especially productive; those dresses can get sewn up in snap! Not all of them have turned out to be winners, but I can tell that I’m really improving my sewing and figuring out my rhythm with planning and executing projects.
What about you, did you total up your makes from last year? Share your numbers with me and let’s swap virtual high-fives!