Free Bralette Patterns Review: Part 4 – Sewing Seams

OMG! The fourth video in this sewing series is now live on my Youtube channel, and we’re finally sewing! And yes, I definitely demonstrate a lot of sewing in this one.

First things first, the video is very long! If watching an hour-long Youtube video straight through is not your thing, here’s a guide for jumping ahead to a particular bralette pattern:

Some of these bralettes were pretty simple and straightforward to sew (Hyacinth, Barrett, for example) and some of them gave me such a headache! (Mood wrap, Raquel) Sewing the seams on these bralettes really reinforces what I already knew from the beginning of this project; bralettes are different than panties! Panties generally have a much more standard shape than bralettes. And that’s awesome! Look at all the variety there is with just these ten patterns. It did mean that it took more concentration to sew them up though!

So what’s covered in this video?

  • sewing darts
  • sewing enclosed seams
  • piecing together lace
  • easing curved cup pieces together
  • stitch length and stitch types to use
  • a lot of general sewing struggles and triumphs

I’ll also be posting some shorter videos over the next few weeks to supplement these long (loooong) videos where the tips end up a bit, uhhh… buried within everything else. And the next video in the series will go over applying all of the elastics and finishing up the bralettes; we’re so close!