Free Bralette Patterns Review: Part 5 – Sewing elastics, straps, closures

Aaaaand, the bralettes are done! The fifth video in the series is up on Youtube and all of the sewing is completed, all of the bralettes are finished! I go through everything that’s involved with finishing up the bralettes; mostly applying the elastics, straps, and any closures. There is, of course, plenty of struggling (looking at the Mood patterns in particular), but I’m thrilled to get through all of the sewing! I go over applying the various elastics, making adjustable bra straps, sewing on the hardware and the straps, and discuss various instances where I strayed from the instructions (again, looking at the Mood patterns!) or decided to make a last-minute swap on materials that I had originally chosen for the bralettes.

Again (oops), it ended up being a very long video! So here’s where you can find each specific bralette if you’d like to skip ahead:

The next video will be the final one in the series and will show what all the bralettes look like!