Free Bralette Patterns Review: Part 6-All done!

Ta da!! The sixth video in my series on making and reviewing ten free bralette patterns is now live on Youtube and it’s the exciting conclusion where I model all 10 bralettes (and the matching underwear I made for each of them).

This video isn’t so long as the other ones, so I don’t feel bad about not re-summarizing the whole video here on the blog. 😉 Here’s the short version though:

  • Darcy bralette: cute, a big, but wearable.
  • Raquel bralette: too tight! This is my own fault though and I’m going to try to fix it.
  • Barrett bralette: cups are too big/too wrinkly. I may try to salvage this one.
  • Hyacinth bralette: great! I love the sporty look with the simple grey material, and the velvet foldover elastic adds such a nice touch!
  • Lovesick bralette: super comfortable, but not very supportive.
  • Milla bralette: amazing! Probably my favorite of the bunch!
  • Sierra bralette: too tight, but I will try to save this one.
  • Mood wrap: Surprisingly, this one fits pretty well (maybe a bit too big, but still very wearable).
  • Noelle bralette: loooove it, but not a surprise since I’ve made this one before.
  • Rosie bralette: a bit tight, not sure if I’ll try to fix this or just deal with it when I want to wear it.

While most of the bralettes are wearable, I found that most of them seemed a bit on the big side in terms of cup volume. It’s not surprising at all, considering my “small bobbins” (har har har), and I’m motivated now to try to figure out a reliable way to fix this for future bralettes I might want to make (that are probably drafted for B/C cups).

So! Have I convinced you to try any of these bralettes? Or do you have any ideas for my next lingerie-making series? As long as it doesn’t involve making ten sets of lingerie, I’d probably be open to hearing about it 😉