Vlog Series: Free Underwear Patterns Review

This has been in the works for way too long, but I’m so excited to finally release it! Earlier this year, while taking stock of my insane collection of digital patterns, I had the idea to test out some of the many free underwear patterns that are available to home sewists, and review them in a video series!

Small Bobbins review 10 free underwear patterns in a Youtube mini-series.

Why? Well, I’m a bit of a digital pattern hoarder. If a designer offers a free pattern, I download it asap. So I’ve amassed quite a collection of underwear patterns that I’ve never tried. I’ve also been wanting to give my underwear drawer a bit of an overhaul, plus use up a gigantic stash of knit scraps and old t-shirts that I’ve been saving for exactly this purpose. Ideally, I’d love to have a couple of patterns that serve as my go-to patterns, my TNT’s (tried-and-true), but I had no clue where to start! I figured, I probably do have preferences on how I’d like my panties to fit, but I don’t know what they are yet. Plus, it can be a bit difficult to figure out how an underwear pattern will fit just based on the line drawing and description alone.

Therefore, I’ve decided to volunteer my butt to show you what these patterns look like!

The first video is up now on my Youtube channel! You can hear me chat about the patterns I’m using, and try to figure out my size (it’s actually not so straightforward).

The second video will go through which fabrics and elastic I’ll use for each of the patterns, cutting out the fabric, and you get a peek at my gigantic stash of fabrics and notions. I end up touch ALL the fabric, squeezing and stretching it, and it was a useful exercise to get a better idea of which fabrics are better suited for which underwear patterns (if any!). I give lots of tips about what to look for in choosing knit fabrics for underwear patterns.

The third video will go through the main methods of constructing the panties, with some advice for applying elastic and how to alter the fit after you’ve cut out your fabric.

And in the fourth video, I’ll model the panties and talk about which ones I liked best and will probably make again!

Here are the patterns I’m using:

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