How to mirror lace

Here’s a quick tutorial that will help elevate any of your sewing projects that are using lace! Just like pattern-matching when you’re making a dress (for example), mirroring your lace pieces will elevate your final piece with eye-catching symmetry.

It’s really simple to do!

Keep in mind that you may need more lace than expected, depending on how the pattern repeats on your lace. You’re not necessarily making the most efficient use of the lace with this technique.

In this tutorial, I’m demonstrating this technique with the bronze lace and pink stretch tulle that are available in my shop! (Psst, they look great together in this kit too!)

How to mirror lace - 1
How to mirror lace - 2

Start with your lace right side facing up. Using your pattern piece, decide how you want to place your lace, and cut it out. In my example, I’m cutting out part of the back piece of a pair of panties and making use of the scalloped edge of this lace

How to mirror lace - 3
How to mirror lace - 4

Now, flip your cut piece over! (In the first picture, the cut piece is right-side up. In the second picture, the cut piece is right-side down) With the right side facing down, look for the matching design (maybe a particularly big flower or swirly part). It’ll probably be on the opposite side of the one you started on. (So, if you cut out your first piece along the top of the lace, you’ll probably use the bottom edge now).

In my photos, I outlined the big flower that I was focusing on to help me align the two pieces.

How to mirror lace - 5

Align the pieces as best as you can, right sides together; you’ll notice how clear it looks once the design lines up. It’s like a puzzle; it wants to line up! This will ensure that your pieces are as symmetrical as possible.

How to mirror lace - 6

I used the paper pattern piece to make sure I knew exactly where to cut, and pattern weights to make sure the pieces didn’t shift around.

How to mirror lace - 8
How to mirror lace - 9

Ta da! Rather than playing pattern tetris when cutting out your lace, this is an easy way to ensure that your finished garment will look more polished and professional!