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Remnant sale! Remnants and bulk items are non-refundable and non-returnable.

This listing is for our soft and comfortable bamboo jersey in various non-standard sizes. You can also purchase bamboo jersey in multiple colors, available by the half-meter or in 1/4m pieces.

There are small pieces available that can be used for panty gusset liners. We have since updated our regular gusset lining pieces to a larger size.

  • Teal bamboo jersey: 1/4m (50 x 80cm) with a small tear near one edge
  • Dark grey bamboo jersey: 45 x 82 cm, 18 x 20 cm (gusset piece)
  • Pink bamboo jersey: 70 x 160cm, 40 x 160cm, 18 x 20 cm (gusset piece)
  • Cobalt blue bamboo jersey: 40 x 160 cm, 32 x 160 cm
  • White bamboo jersey: 65 x 160 cm, 30 x 160 cm
  • Navy blue bamboo jersey: 18 x 20 cm (gusset piece)
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60% stretch in de lengte (evenwijdig met de draadrichting), 70% stretch in de breedte.

95% Bamboo viscose, 5% Elastane. 220 g/m2

Oorsprong: China

Was instructies: niet bleken, niet heet strijken. Wassen op 30°C.


Teal (with small tear): 50x80cm, Dark grey: 45×82, Dark grey: 18x20cm (gusset), Pink: 70x160cm, Pink: 40x160cm, Pink: 18x20cm (gusset), Cobalt blue: 40x160cm, Cobalt blue: 32x160cm, White: 65x160cm, White: 30x160cm, Navy blue: 18x20cm (gusset)