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Remnant sale! This listing is for bulk amounts of underwire channeling, available either as (approximately) 32m or 50m amounts. This is from a different source than our current underwire channeling, and, therefore, has a different look and feel to it, but is nevertheless of good-quality and perfectly useable.

Underwire channeling can be used to add support to your lingerie projects by providing a way to insert underwires or boning to bras, bralettes, corsets, and more. It is approximately 10mm wide.

This listing is for the entire specified lengths of channeling; it will not be divided into smaller amounts. It is non-refundable, non-returnable, and will not be restocked.

  • Beige underwire channeling: 32 meters or 50 meters
  • Mauve underwire channeling: 3.8 meters
  • Light pink underwire channeling: 10 meters or 30 meters
  • Black underwire channeling: 53 meters or 56 meters
  • Navy blue underwire channeling: 32 meters
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Oorsprong: China

Samenstelling: nylon and polyester

We doen ons best om kleuren zo accuraat mogelijk weet te geven. Het is mogelijk dat op jouw scherm kleuren anders weergegeven worden dan op het onze.


Beige: 32m, Beige: 50m, Mauve: 3.8m, Light pink: 10m, Light pink: 30m, Navy blue: 32m, Black: 56m, Black: 53m