Verrassingspakketten – Kant


**Gelimiteerde verrassingspakketten!**

(This description is only available in English)

This listing is for a pack of assorted lingerie-making laces and trims in different colors, widths, and types. Each bag includes at least 12 meters (up to 15 meters) of laces in a mixture of lengths (many over 1.5m). Surprise packs could include any combination of stretch lace, non-stretch lace, rigid tulle, or narrow lace trims.

Surprise packs are a great way to build your lingerie-making stash! Get steep discounts over buying laces separately, and use them for testing out patterns, or perhaps you’ll get lucky and find the perfect material for your next favorite garment!


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Verrassingspakketten van verschillende rekbare en niet-rekbare kant: ongeveer 12-15 meters in elke pakket, met verschillende kleuren, breedte, en soorten kant.

Gewicht 450 g