12mm (½”) satin strap elastic, 14 colors


Smooth and shiny satin strap elastic, plush-backed. Measures 12mm (~½ inches). Available in fourteen colors, including our core colors, black, white, beige, navy blue, silver grey, forest green, cobalt blue, terra cotta, candy pink, and ultraviolet, and limited edition colors mauve, light pink, light purple, and peach (these will not be restocked once they’re sold out).

Perfect for creating straps on your lingerie projects of all kinds (bras, panties, garters, etc.), creating easy straps on camisoles, or even adding extra decorative details on your garments.

Hardware, like rings, sliders, g-hooks, and suspender clips, is also available in 12mm size.

Sold per meter, additional meters will be cut in a continuous length.

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Satin strap elastic, plush-backed. Measures 12mm (~½”), comes in fourteen colors: ultraviolet, black, peach, beige, light purple, light pink, white, navy blue, forest green, silver grey, terra cotta, candy pink, cobalt blue, and mauve. (Looking for large amounts? This product is available for wholesale too!)

Strap elastic is also available in these sizes (additional colors too!): 10mm, 12mm with picot edges, 15mm, 18mm

You may also be interested in matching hardware! Click here to find 12mm rings, sliders, sets, and g-hooks.

Please note that while we do our best to accurately represent the color of the product, it is possible that your monitor may not display the colors accurately.

Closest Pantone color matches:

Ultraviolet: 2655 C

Peach: 712 C

Beige: 12-1107

Light purple: 263 C

Light pink: 12-2907

Navy blue: 282 C

Forest green: 567 C

Silver grey: 432 C

Terra cotta: 7607 U

Mauve: 695 C

Candy pink: 699 C

Cobalt blue: 293 C

Weight8 g

black, white, light purple, light pink, red, peach, navy blue, terra cotta, forest green, silver grey, candy pink, cobalt blue, mauve, aqua, beige, ultraviolet

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