25cm rigid plastic boning


Plastic boning is great for adding stability to your bras and bralettes at the side seam (or elsewhere) to prevent the garment from curling up, especially for longline bras. These boning pieces are 25cm long and are sold in pairs. Use with underwire channeling to attach the bones to your project.

You can easily trim these boning pieces with normal scissors if you need a shorter length; use a lighter (carefully!) to melt the edges so they’re not as sharp. (Otherwise, it could wear a hole in your channeling.)

We also sell boning in 4cm and 5cm pieces, in packs of 10.

These pieces of boning are available in pairs. If you order “1”, you will receive 2 pieces of boning, 50cm in total.

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Origin: France. Rigid plastic bones, 25cm in length. Sold per pair.

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