bamboo jersey gusset lining


Purchase a pre-cut piece of our soft and breathable bamboo jersey to use as a gusset lining for your panty projects.

Available in black, white, tan, grey, pink, cobalt blue, and navy blue. Each piece measures approximately 25cm x 40cm which should be enough for most panty designs and patterns. (Always double-check your pattern instructions to be sure!)

Need more jersey? We also sell this bamboo jersey in 1/4m pre-cut pieces (50x80cm) or by the 1/2 meter in additional colors.

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Bamboo viscose jersey available in pre-cut 25x40cm pieces to use for underwear gusset linings.

60% stretch lengthwise, 70% stretch crosswise.

95% Bamboo viscose, 5% Elastane. 220 g/m2

Origin: China

Care instructions: don’t bleach, don’t iron. Wash at 30°C.

Please note that while we do our best to accurately represent the color of the product, it is possible that your monitor may not display the colors accurately.


Black, White, Dark grey, Tan, Pink, Cobalt blue, Navy blue