Cobalt blue floral tulle, 18cm


This tulle is available in a bold cobalt blue shade with a meandering daffodil-floral print along one edge. It has a slight amount of mechanical give, and can be used in some underwire bra patterns where non-stretch materials are required, or can be incorporated into some underwear patterns too!

(Always check your pattern instructions for advice on whether your fabrics need to stretch or not.)

Pair this tulle with cobalt blue elastics, fabrics, and notions for a full matching set, or create whimsical color pairings with pink, grey, light green, and more!

This material comes with both a left-side and a right-side. When you order “1”, you will receive 50cm of the left side of the design, and 50cm of the right side, so that you can create symmetrical designs. Additional quantities will but cut in a continuous length, if available.

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Cobalt blue tulle with a floral motif, 18cm / 7″ wide. When ordering “1” of this material, you will receive 50cm of the left side and 50cm of the right side (two separate pieces in total).

The width of this tulle is measured between the shortest distance between the scalloped edge up to the useable portion of the cut edge.

100% nylon.

Origin: China

Pantone color: 286 C

Please note that while we do our best to accurately represent the color of the product, it is possible that your monitor may not display the colors accurately.

Weight 22 g