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Cotton jersey, seven colors


Cotton stretch jersey, available in seven colors: white, pale pink, sky blue, raisin, dusk blue, indigo, and pine green.

Use this soft and stretchy cotton jersey to sew your own comfortable underwear, bralettes, lounge pieces, and more! It has 70% stretch horizontally and 50% stretch vertically (parallel to the selvedge edge), and ranges from 145 cm to 180 cm in width (see below for more details).

This fabric comes from deadstock that was sourced from trusted suppliers and recognizable European lingerie brands. You get access to gorgeous, high-quality supplies, while keeping unused materials out of landfills; a win-win for everybody!

Sold per half-meter; additional quantities are cut in a continuous length (if available).

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Cotton jersey, sold per half meter. Available in seven colors.

Origin: France

Composition: cotton elastane (exact amounts are unknown)

Fabric widths and weights:

White: 180 cm / 170 gsm

Pine green: 180 cm / 158 gsm

Dusk blue: 145 cm / 150 gsm

Pale pink: 148 cm / 147 gsm

Sky blue: 145 cm / 158 gsm

Raisin: 148 cm / 158 gsm

Indigo: 145 cm / 148 gsm

Closest Pantone color codes:

Pine green: 6189 C

Dusk blue: 4144 C

Pale pink: 705 C

Sky blue: 544 C

Raisin: 504 C

Indigo: 2768 C

Please note that while we do our best to accurately represent the color of the product, it is possible that your monitor may not display the colors accurately.



white, pale pink, sky blue, raisin, dusk blue, indigo, pine green