Remnants: bamboo jersey pieces


Remnants are non-refundable and non-returnable.

This listing is for our soft and comfortable bamboo jersey in various non-standard sizes. You can also purchase bamboo jersey in multiple colors, available by the half-meter or in 1/4m pieces.

There are small pieces available that can be used for panty gusset liners. We have since updated our regular gusset lining pieces to a larger size.

  • Teal bamboo jersey: 1/4m (50 x 80cm) with a small tear near one edge
  • Dark grey bamboo jersey: 45 x 82 cm, 18 x 20 cm (gusset piece)
  • Pink bamboo jersey: 70 x 160cm, 40 x 160cm, 18 x 20 cm (gusset piece)
  • Cobalt blue bamboo jersey: 40 x 160 cm, 32 x 160 cm
  • White bamboo jersey: 65 x 160 cm, 30 x 160 cm
  • Navy blue bamboo jersey: 18 x 20 cm (gusset piece)
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60% stretch lengthwise, 70% stretch crosswise.

95% Bamboo viscose, 5% Elastane. 220 g/m2

Origin: China

Care instructions: don’t bleach, don’t iron. Wash at 30°C.

Please note that while we do our best to accurately represent the color of the product, it is possible that your monitor may not display the colors accurately.


Teal (with small tear): 50x80cm, Dark grey: 45×82, Dark grey: 18x20cm (gusset), Pink: 70x160cm, Pink: 40x160cm, Pink: 18x20cm (gusset), Cobalt blue: 40x160cm, Cobalt blue: 32x160cm, White: 65x160cm, White: 30x160cm, Navy blue: 18x20cm (gusset)