Rose gold round sliders, 15mm


Statement round sliders (or you could call them “buckles”) to add a unique detail to your next lingerie sewing project. These sliders have an interior measurement of 15mm (and therefore, fit perfectly with our selection of 15mm satin strap elastics). These have one smooth side and one side with a diamond-textured design.

These sliders can be used in a purely decorative way, adding a luxe touch to your garment, or in a practical way, such as for creating adjustable straps of belts on your lingerie or swimwear.

These materials come from deadstock that was sourced from trusted suppliers and recognizable European lingerie brands. You get access to gorgeous, high-quality supplies, while keeping unused materials out of landfills; a win-win for everybody!

Sold per pair.

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Rose gold statement round sliders, with an interior measurement of 15mm. Sold per pair.

Origin: United Kingdom

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