Sewing machine needles


Don’t get stuck without the right sewing tools! Having the correct needle in your sewing machine can make all the difference between a smooth or a frustrating sewing experience. We offer a variety of needles to cover your needs, no matter what you’re making.

Choose from:

  • Universal: 70-90 (5 needles per card)
  • Stretch: 75-90 (5 needles per card)
  • Jersey: 70-90 (5 needles per card)
  • Microtex: 60-80 (5 needles per card)
  • Stretch twin needle: 2.5 (1 needle per card)
  • Stretch twin needle: 4 (1 needle per card)

These needles are from Schmetz, a trusted brand in sewing machine needles. These needles will work with most sewing machines; the shank has a rounded side and a flat side. Always double-check your machine to ensure these needles will fit.

Sold per card.

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Assorted sewing machine needles. Brand: Schmetz.

Weight15 g
Needle type

Universal, Stretch, Jersey, Microtex, Stretch twin: 2.5, Stretch twin: 4