Remnants: swimsuit lining pieces


This listing is for pieces of beige or black swimsuit lining fabric that is either cut in a non-standard size or has some sort of stain, defect, or imperfection. Please read carefully for exact descriptions of each piece; these items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Beige and black swimsuit lining can also be purchased in fat-quarter pieces or by the 1/2 meter.

This swimsuit lining is not only great for providing opacity and comfort on your swimsuit projects, but can also be used to line other lingerie and activewear projects.

  • Beige lining: 35x95cm (shorter than a normal fat quarter)
  • Beige lining: 45x95cm (a bit shorter than a normal fat quarter)
  • Beige lining: 40×190 (full width of the roll)
  • Beige lining with stains: 115×190 (see photos, it’s possible that the stains will wash out, but there’s also plenty of room to cut around them)
  • Black lining: 40×190 (full width of the roll)
  • Black lining with holes: 100×190 (see photos, the holes are small and located in the middle of the piece, but can be easily avoided with careful pattern placement)
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150 g/m², 90% Nylon / 10% Spandex, 180cm wide.

Please note that while we do our best to accurately represent the color of the product, it is possible that your monitor may not display the colors accurately.

Closest Pantone color matches:

Beige: 4675 C

Weight N/A

Beige: 35x95cm, Beige: 45x95cm, Beige: 40x190cm, Beige (with stains): 115x190cm, Black: 40x190cm, Black (with holes): 100×190