Silhouettes I Love

As I embarked on the idea of a handmade maternity wardrobe, first I spent too many hours scouring the internet for any tutorial for DIY pregnancy clothes. Even anything that somewhat suggested, “Hey, this could fit a pregnant woman” went onto a packed Pinterest board. Then, I looked at my exaggerated collection and realized that it’s a good idea to figure out what silhouettes I liked best and wanted to replicate.

I don’t consider myself one of the lucky ladies who looks effortlessly chic in a slouchy white tee and jeans. I end up looking more like, “I put in zero effort to look this frumpy in my white tee and jeans.” My pregnancy body pushes my frump scale up to 11, so I gravitate towards more feminine, fitted silhouettes when I imagine my dream maternity wardrobe.

I work in a pretty normal office building for a tech company. It’s mostly dudes (and mostly engineer-types who wear t-shirts and jeans on a daily basis), but the ladies who are around tend to dress stylishly. I know I’ll feel more confident if I feel like I look good in my clothes, so part of my plan for a handmade maternity wardrobe includes attempts at cute work clothes.

To supplement the clothes I make (or give into buying), I plan on buying some skinny belts (a few different colors to mix it up) and maternity tights. I already have a decent stash of jersey and different elastics; that’s the foundation of a maternity wardrobe, after all.

Fit-and-flare/skater dresses

maternity dress inspiration

I find these types of dresses super flattering to begin with, but the idea of a fitted bodice that flares out from the waist (maybe somewhere between an empire and a natural waist) really speaks to me.

Crop tops over dresses or high-waisted skirts

maternity dress inspiration

I already know that jersey skirts and dresses will be my friend. Crop tops seem to be good way to mix and match outfits, or jazz up some basic, solid-colored skirts. Plus, already thinking ahead, nursing-friendly?

Loose, button up shirts with skinny jeans

maternity dress inspiration

This is a good outfit idea, assuming I will be able to figure out a pants situation. I don’t imagine this will be a sustainable solution in the last few weeks (and if this baby will be anything like my first, I will have one big bump), or else the shirt will just look like a tent. Tent shirts, I have to admit, work for some people. Not for me. Maybe then I’ll switch to tunics.

Body-con dresses

maternity dress inspiration

Once my belly finally becomes truly obvious, I will be happy to rock clingy dresses that hug all of my new curves.

Belted tunics and leggings

maternity dress inspiration

I spent my last few weeks before my son was born living in a rotation of three tunics and maternity leggings. This time, I’m looking at styles that will give more waist definition.

What are your preferred silhouettes? Either pregnant or not, it’s a good exercise to define your style!