Slow Fashion October: Week #3

Week 3! I’m still loving these weekly prompts to examine my wardrobe, and by extension, my lifestyle and my attitude towards style and how I present myself to the world. Oops, getting a bit deep for this week, I’ll save that for my wrap-up post 😉

Kirstin looks through her wardrobe

Action item:

“Take stock of what you’ve got!”

I noticed the holes in my wardrobe pretty early on in this month. I need more layering pieces (including outerwear), more warm weather tops and bottoms, and more “connective tissue” like neutral colors. My sewing output last summer and the summer before was way higher than the rest of the year, which is great for summer! …but, now it’s getting cooler and I can’t really wear a short-sleeved dress on its own. Yes, tights, of course, but I’ll need some jackets and sleeves.

I’m really struggling with how to transition all of my cropped pants into Fall and Winter though. GUYS! May I rant for a moment about cropped pants? They don’t work for me. I’m tall, so ‘cropped’ lengths end up making me look like I’ve had a growth spurt. Plus, my go-to method of Winterizing my me-mades (add tights!) doesn’t apply here. What’s a gal to do? Just pack them up until next Spring?

I also need some more variety, not in prints and color, but styles, cuts, and details. My pants are pretty much just jeans. (Hey Kirstin, why don’t you try some cropped pants?)

Discussion prompts:

  • Do you, broadly speaking, have what you need for various situations (work/exercise/travel/going out/etc.) and seasons? eek, no! I really try to make use of what I have, but given these actions and the hard looks I’m taking at my wardrobe and my lifestyle and my needs and style, it feels like it’s ALL wrong. Exercise? Nope. Transitional weather? No way. Work from home, comfortable yet stylish? A bit. Weekend casual? Yeah, probably too much. Sleepwear? I mean, functional, yes, but it’s time to retire most of it.
  • Is there too much of one sort of thing and not enough of another? Too many sleep shirts, too many cropped pants that only work with very particular tops, too many dresses that can’t be worn with sweaters or layers. Not enough jackets, not enough versatile pieces (pants and shirts that mix and match with each other) and not enough neutrals. I have a bright blue jacket that I have trouble pairing with my red, buffalo check dresses or my boho flowy dresses or some zany printed skirts and shirts that I’ve made. Or actually, that thing hardly pairs well with anything in my closet and maybe that is the obstacle?
  • How many outfits can you make out of what’s in your closet that will work for your day-to-day right now? Well, a fair amount. I shouldn’t be so negative and insist that nothing in my closet works and I need to re-haul the entire thing. I mentioned in my last post too; I can make plenty of outfits and I can feel okay in them. If we’re talking about living my best life and presenting my best self, then I’ve got some work to do.
  • What’s missing that would allow you to make more combinations from your current clothes? (the connective tissue.) Going along with what I said in my previous posts, I need to think more about flaunting one thing. For clothing, that can also mean that if I have a certain print or color, the rest of my outfit needs to step back and let that shine! What I mean with this is that I have too many ‘accent’ pieces and not enough of that connective tissue.
  • Is there something you love but don’t wear simply because you don’t have the right _____ to go with it? Would that item also make other garments more useful? Yesss, most definitely. Repeating myself a lot, but those neutral pieces that let the special piece shine. But also, shoes, accessories, and jackets/coats would help my other garments be more wearable. I won’t be diving into shoemaking anytime soon, but I need to think about these other pieces more thoughtfully as well!
  • Did your mood board or any garments you unearthed give you ideas about new ways to combine your clothes? Not really, maybe it gave me some silhouettes to try, but overall I’m starting from a place of not having enough clothes that work for me, rather than having too many clothes that I don’t wear.
  • Could any of your “maybes” be dyed/altered to fill those holes? No, I think the “maybes” probably should just find new homes. Either they don’t fit me or don’t fit with my style, but not in a way that could be easily dyed or altered.
  • Do you have accessories you can use to change things up? I don’t, and I would love to be the kind of person who wears thoughtful accessories. Buuuut, I’m not entirely convinced it fits my lifestyle. (Bracelets and rings are beautiful but seem like they would get in the way of using my hands!)

This is a journey for sure! By now, I don’t feel like I’m making any gigantic revelations about my wardrobe and my life, but just the little nudge to prompt me into action has been a big help to prioritize and really cement these things that I already knew (even if they were in the back of my mind).

The question that really interested me the most this week was, “Is there something you love but don’t wear simply because you don’t have the right _____ to go with it? Would that item also make other garments more useful?” And I want to ask you the same! What would make that special garment more wearable for you?