the Everyday Blouse

Yes yes yes, haven’t posted in a long while, you know how it goes. Let’s move on, shall we?

You should know that I am a total hoarder when it comes to free patterns. I still think of myself as a beginner sewer (albeit, an overambitious one), so I get hung up on the thought of paying too much for a pattern that I could potentially, royally screw up. When I see the opportunity for a free pattern, I pounce. In this case, the opportunity was a giveaway from Rachel of House of Pinheiro.

She designed a pattern called the Everyday Blouse in collaboration with the Upcraftclub, and I was one of three lucky winners! To make it even sweeter, I also received a voucher to buy suitable fabric from Abakhan’s fabric shop. Then Rachel emailed me and let me know she’d like my photos and a write-up of my experience with the pattern in about a month or so.

Oh snap, a deadline? Sewjo, activate!

Deadlines work for me, apparently. This is the first garment I’ve finished since my Cascade coat about a year ago (ouch!). For someone who loves sewing so much, I don’t seem to spend enough time on it. *Sad face*

So anyway, here’s the finished shirt! In the interest of time, I cut a straight size Medium, mostly looking at the finished garment measurements (I love it when those are included with a pattern) and deciding that would be best for the close-fitting shape I was looking for.

Everyday blouse (pattern by House of Pinheiro), made by Small Bobbins

It’s a fairly basic pattern, as far as blouses go. You know, a front and a back, two sleeves and two facings. There are a few out-of-the-ordinary details to make it more interesting to sew, although they seemed a bit out of place on the finished shirt. I loved the fabric I got from Abakhan’s (a light and crisp cotton poplin, so easy to work with), and I’m quite happy with the unexpected color I chose for the zipper, but in the end, I don’t really see the point of having a zipper there (especially since I don’t have a zipper foot and a lot of the tape is showing). I’m also pleased with the slimmer shape of the sleeve (thanks to the elbow darts, I’ve never sewn them before), but they end up constricting my arm movement a bit.

I’m still pleased with the outcome. I have a new shirt added to my wardrobe and I’ve worn it several times already. If I get a zipper foot (or edit the pattern to get rid of the zipper), then maybe I’ll plan a second one.

The photos were taken on spur-of-the-moment photoshoot while on my way home from a business trip, aka “Oh snap, Rachel just emailed and she wants a picture of this tomorrow! Hey coworker, can you take a picture of me at the train station real quick?”

You can read more about the Everyday Blouse here on House of Pinheiro, read my write-up and see other examples of the blouse here, or buy the pattern for yourself here at Upcraftclub! Thanks again to Will at Abakhan for the lovely fabrics. I don’t think they usually ship outside of the UK but he was very kind to send the fabric over to me in Belgium, and he was very friendly too! All around, an enjoyable experience and a great way to jump back into garment-making.