A handmade maternity wardrobe

I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing. Not an absolute beginner, I’ve made a wearable skirt, a too-big shirt, and a toddler-sized bear hat (where I didn’t pay close enough attention to the direction of the faux-fur). I know how to thread my machine, and I’m well acquainted with my seam ripper. That’s mostly where my experience with sewing clothes ends, but I’m eager to get better. After years of living abroad, out of suitcases, in places where the fashion didn’t fit my style (and beyond the reach of internet shopping) or budget, I started planning a handmade wardrobe.

Then, pregnant.

How can I learn to sew a stylish, unique and lasting wardrobe if my body is a new shape every week?

Instead, I see this as the perfect opportunity to dive into sewing. My rookie mistakes will be learning experiences I can apply to the clothes I’ll make for each new stage of pregnancy-body (and postpartum body). I wasn’t happy with the selection and prices of maternity clothes during my first pregnancy. The niche market reminded me of a mediocre tourist restaurant; nobody seems to put too much effort into giving you a satisfactory experience because you won’t be a repeat customer. Can’t pregnant women just suck it up and wear a shapeless bag of a dress for a few months?

I want to see if I can get away with this, if I can avoid buying (too many) maternity clothes, while still feeling comfortable and put-together. Who knows, I might even come out of this with pieces I can wear beyond pregnancy. At the very least, I can chop up my failures and sew up some baby leggings.