Vlog: Autumn/Winter Plans

I’ve finally started my Youtube channel! You can find me there at Small Bobbins, and keep up as I attempt to vlog my makes and plans, fabric hauls, plus a tutorial here and there. I’m already totally enamored with the process of filming and editing, and excited to improve that with each video (I’m already working on a proper intro/outro for the next one!)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-6WexBO-is&w=560&h=315]

I will probably post a corresponding blog post for each vlog, kind of like an extended description and notes section. Plus, I’ll embed the videos here if you don’t use Youtube as frequently.

really went into filming intending it to be my “November” plans, but then it just kept going… and going… so I guess I’ll consider this my “late Autumn/early Winter” plans.

I ramble a lot about Slow Fashion October, you can check out those blog posts I mentioned here:

Here are links (where possible) to the patterns and fabrics I mentioned:

  • Nettie bodysuit from Closet Case Patterns and Cannes bodysuit from Kommatia Patterns. The striped fabric came from The Fabric Sales and the grey and cream fabrics came from a stand at Stoffen Spektakel (which is sort of like the Belgian version of the UK’s Knitting and Stitching show).
  • Bianca shirt from Wear Lemonade (it’s a free pattern!)t, fabric from Stoffen Spektakel
  • Perkins shirt from Ensemble Patterns, fabric from Stoffen Spektakel
  • Kabuki tee from Paper Theory, fabric from Miss Matatabi (sold out now)
  • vintage Simplicity 7820 (there’s at least a few kicking around Etsy, or check Ebay too!), fabric from Stoffen Spektakel (I didn’t realize until now how much of my stash is from there!)
  • Ginger jeans from Closet Case Patterns and Lander pants from True Bias. The dark grey fabric came from The Fabric Sales and the light grey from a destash sale.
  • Amsterdam blazer from Oraguese Patterns, fabric from Samira Fabrics (a discount fabric shop in my neighborhood with no website).
  • Gaia coat from Named Patterns, the navy wool from Abakhan (from a couple years ago, I couldn’t find anything similar on their site now) and the grey wool/cashmere and the light blue lining both came from The Fabric Sales.
  • Evelyn romper from Ohhh Lulu, yellow/blue striped Froy and Dind fabric from… I can’t remember now, but maybe de Stoffenkamer?
  • Make My Lemonade (another free pattern!) pajama shirt, Fifi pajamas from Tilly and the Buttons, and Spring shorts (another freebie!!) from Peppermint Magazine. Fabric from Stoffen Spektakel.
  • Hanna bralette and kit from Studio Costura
  • Noelle bralette (another free pattern!) from Madalynne Intimates, no idea where the lace came from because my lingerie-making stash is out of control.

What’s the thing you’re most excited to make this month/season? I think if I had to choose a favorite… probably I’d say the Amsterdam blazer.