Vlog series: Free Underwear Patterns Review, results!

The last video in my little vlog series is now live! I talk about a few of my particular favorites from the bunch and then show off my bottom for the camera, eek! All the patterns I used from the series are listed and linked below, plus my thoughts and feelings on each one!

Acacia panties, by Megan Nielsen

This one was one of my favorites. The bum coverage is maybe a bit more than I’d prefer, but I love the gentle curve on the back piece that gives some nice shaping in that area. Plus, I happened to pick a great fabric and good-quality elastic, so the finished result is really pleasing.

Be Bashful Bikini, by At First Blush Patterns

This one gets a nice boost from the good fabric/elastic combo that I also used with the Acacia panties. The higher cut on the leg is interesting, but not my first preference.

Celeste Bikini, by Ohhh Lulu

This one is my favorite, despite that, when I took in the side seams, it resulted in them looking pretty messed up. Initially they were pretty big, so I will make alterations directly to the paper pattern moving forward. I like the low waistline on these best out of all the patterns.

Maxine high-waist panties, by Evie la Luve

Compared directly with the Noelle high-waist panties, I found that these had a higher waist (it came over my belly button) and the legs were cut higher. So, more legs and less waist. Personally, I don’t really have any outfits where these panties fit well underneath, but now that the weather is warming up, they’ve been perfect for sleeping in!

Noelle high-waist panties, by Madalynne Intimates

Compared to the Maxine, these had a slightly lower rise on the waist, and lower legs. They do fit perfectly underneath my high-waisted pants, although I’m not generally a fan, I’ve discovered, of wearing so much fabric underneath my clothes.

Noelle high-waist thong, by Madalynne Intimates

Eeeek! I almost didn’t show these, because they are scandalous! Really high-cut legs and yeah, of course, no bum coverage. That, plus the high waist, plus a weird fit issue in the back (almost like the part that connects from the front to the back is too… long?), means that I very rarely wear these. I think I’ve established that I’m not much for high-waisted underwear though, so I’m not surprised.

Pants pattern, by So Zo, What do you Know

A really solid basic, leans on the “more coverage” side of the underwear spectrum, and the fabric that I used means that this is an enjoyable pair to wear!

Rosy Ladyshorts, by Cloth Habit

I ended up really liking the fit of these, something about the combination of the low-waist plus the low-legs means that it doesn’t end up feeling skimpy at all. These definitely had the narrowest, ahem, gusset piece out of all the panties (besides the thong, of course), which might be something that I’ll adjust for future pairs.

Hipster panties, by Make Bra

So, these are certainly full-coverage. Practically high-waist too! But, somehow I really like them. I can’t wear them under many of my garments, but I am pretty impressed by how they look on my booty.

Stevie Knickers, by Paper Theory

Another really solid basic! Another that’s a bit more on the full-coverage side, not too high-waisted but not too low either, a comfortable low cut on the leg holes, plus some gentle shaping on the back. Nothing bad to say about these!

Phew! It was a lot of work, but I’m thrilled with the outcome of this mini-series! Did it inspire you to sew any new pairs of underwear for yourself? Or maybe just to think about what your preferences are? Stay tuned, I’m already starting to plan my next series on free bralette patterns next!