what I’m wearing: week 19

It’s time to get serious now. Two pairs of my jeans are officially out of commission. Elastic skirts still end up looking bulky around my waist (and ridiculous if I pull them up further, not far enough along yet!).

Luckily, I have a few pairs of pants that are slightly big for me on a normal basis, but I don’t know how much longer that will last.

At the moment, my sewing plans include a Hemlock shirt (free from Grainline Studio once you sign up for her newsletter), some sort of DIY belly band (I haven’t found one in Ghent yet), adding elastic to the waistbands of a pair of pants and shorts, refashioning a couple maxi skirts (I don’t think I pull of maxi skirts ever, no matter what body I have), and an Alder shirtdress.

I’m in the middle of sewing an Agnes top (and following along with Tilly’s online workshop for sewing jersey tops ) which I’m sure will barely fit me now. I measured myself at 15 weeks and just barely rounded up from there. I was surprised that my measurements were pretty much the same as pre-pregnancy, but when I recently measured a test square on a printed pattern and found that a 3×3″ square was measuring around 3 1/4″, I figured out my measuring tape was way off. I purchased a cheap replacement at the grocery store, but I’m eyeing a higher quality version for the future.

Now I can see how much I’m changing.

My measurements this week:
Bust: 95 cm (37+ inches)
Waist: 85 cm (33.5 inches)
Hips: 105 cm (41+ inches)

Here are some outfits I wore this week. None of them are handmade yet, and my belly doesn’t hardly look noticeable. I’m still in the “Is she or isn’t pregnant?” stage, and many of my non-maternity dresses still fit. I’m especially enjoying going through a pile of clothes I had planned to donate for being slightly big (and therefore ill-fitting and frumpy on my pre-pregnancy body), discovering that now I’m filling them out much better.
What I'm wearing at 19 weeks What I'm wearing at 19 weeks  What I'm wearing at 19 weeks  What I'm wearing at 19 weeks