what I’m wearing: 23 weeks

I didn’t quite focus my camera correctly for this week’s pictures, oh well.

What I'm wearing at 23 weeks

Two pretty typical outfits that saw me through this week and similarly sized weeks. First up, a knit dress that I almost donated. In non-pregnant times, it didn’t excite me enough to wear practically ever. It’s a bit too short for me to wear without leggings, but the knit dress+leggings look is too casual for me to take to the office. I thought maybe I would chop it up somehow, but now with my growing belly, it’s the perfect stretchy, comfortable tunic-length dress. I can throw on a blazer and it looks decent enough to wear to work (plus, I’m giving myself a pass on more casual-wear in the office as long as it fits) and it’s long enough to cover these black pants, which surprisingly still fit me, though don’t quite stay up so well anymore. I’m still tempted to somehow hack it apart, see if I can make a nursing top out of it, for example.

What I'm wearing at 23 weeks
What I'm wearing at 23 weeks

Here’s a button-up that also nearly made it to the donation pile. It’s a few years old and runs pretty large on me, but used to look okay when belted at the waist. I haven’t worn it in a long time though. I kept it with the thinking that I could “maternify” it somehow, but it ended up fitting fine without any alterations.

I’m a bit surprised to look at these pictures and think, “Okay, I guess I don’t look that pregnant yet,” even though I feel so huge and obvious! I’ll give a pass to my coworkers who didn’t recognize the bump yet.

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