work in progress: cascade coat

Let’s take stock of where I am with my coat.


  • Self fabric, 5 meters at €1/m
  • Lining fabric, 4 meters at €1/m
  • Thread, 1000 meters, Guntermann brand, €7 (and some change)
  • Zippers, 2x€4.60 (one for the maternity panel)
  • Snaps,€8.50 (for the maternity panel)
  • Snap installer,€13.95 (for the maternity panel)
  • Interlining fabric, €10/m (I probably used 1 meter)
  • Interfacing, 3 meters at €20.22 total
  • Cascade PDF pattern, €15.37 ($16.94)

Probably adding up just the amount for what is used for the coat itself, I’d guess (generously), I’ve spent €53. The maternity panel will use additional fabric, lining, interfacing, the other zipper and the snaps (and the installer, although that will hopefully get additional use as well). The pattern will be used again, dammit.

I ended up cutting a straight size 10 based on the finished measurements. It even fits my belly (for now) with room to spare!

Sewing the Cascade coat, by Small Bobbins

Everything seems doable so far, none of the steps are too wacky or difficult. I can see already where I should be taking more care, but I’ve convinced myself already that this is a learning experience. I’m not going for perfection, plus, I just need a dang coat already! My next version (I’m telling myself) will be made with nicer materials and done with more care.

Sewing the Cascade coat, by Small Bobbins

I can already tell that my zipper band is too wide (the contrast material I chose is a bit stretchy) and some seams aren’t so carefully measured. I had to shorten my front bands a bit to be 1/2″ away from either ends of the coat; my guess is that my poly-blend fabric stretched as I sewed it. I decided not to sew the toggles, but now I see why they would’ve been useful to keep the center front band from flapping open.

Sewing the Cascade coat, by Small Bobbins

All of my fabric choices were not the best. I didn’t take into account that Jen says to stay away from bonded interfacing when I bought mine, plus it doesn’t stick so well to the self fabric. The plaid wool/poly blend I used doesn’t seem incredibly warm, doesn’t press well, seems to stretch a bit, plus it smells super chemically when it gets wet or steamed. The interlining is a sweater knit jersey (also used here, I’m wearing it under the coat in the photos without the sleeves); it stretched all over the place when I basted it (I could’ve hand-basted, but see above, I’m too lazy and cold!) and my seams ended up wonky. In some places, the white basting stiches stick out on the front of the coat and in other places I can see I missed the interlining fabric all together.

Sewing the Cascade coat, by Small Bobbins

I still have the hood and lining to go. It feels like I’m near the end, but then I remember, wait, I have to practically construct the whole coat again for the lining! Remember, Kirstin, you got yourself into this mess.

Oh yeah, and then I’m going to attempt the maternity insert when that’s all done. Yippee!

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